Self-Sensing Cantilever Starter Kit Plus

Self-Sensing Starter Kit Plus
Self-Sensing Starter Kit Plus includes a pre-amplifier, connection cables and 20 pieces of cantilevers to get easily started.

The core element of SCL’s self-sensing starter kit Plus is the pre-amplifier. It supplies a Wheatstone bridge based sensor with a stable and low noise reference voltage and amplifies the bridge output signal.

It can be generally used to amplify small sensor voltages. This signal is wired to a data readout device (Lock-in amplifier, atomic force microscope controller, etc.). The internal fixed reference voltage amounts to 2.048 V but can be switched via a jumper to an external bridge supply.

The total gain is set to G=100 with a high bandwidth of 2.5 MHz. An offset voltage in the output signal can be corrected by adding an external DC bias or manually with an onboard potentiometer. The image on the right side shows the content of the self-sensing starter kit.

Dimensions (l x w x h)
pre-amp PCB (LxWxH))48 x 28 x 1.6 mm
Electrical Specifications
Operation voltage Vs+/-5…+/-15 V
Gain, voltage amplification100x
Bandwidthf3dB = 2,5 MHz @ 2mVpp sine input signal
Total offset adjustment range(Vs-) +1.4 V to (Vs+) -1.0 V
manual onboard offset range+/-5V
Connectors and cables
Input connector (cantiliver side)FFC 8 Pin
Output connectorHeader Connector 8 Pin
  • Amplification of sensor signals from a SCL self-sensing cantilever
  • Integration of self-sensing functionality on a standard AFM scanner
  • Force or deflection measurements within TEM, SEM, XPS, etc.
  • Measurement of gas media properties

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    2 weeks
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    € 500,-
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    Worldwide: Regular mail, worldwide, registered: 35 €
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