Self-Sensing Silicon Tip Cantilevers

This is the standard type of SCL’s self-sensing cantilevers. It exhibits a sharp tip made of silicon with a tip radius of <15 nm.

By standard the cantilever is delivered on our cantilever printed circuit board (CL-PCB) with a small 10 pin connector on its lower side. For special applications you can order only the non-bonded silicon chip for bonding onto your own PCB holder, too.

We offer this cantilever type with or without an integrated heater. Our PRSA (Piezo-Resistive Sensing & Active) cantilever probes are equipped with a thermal actuator (heater structure) and a Wheatstone bridge on the cantilever. PRS (Piezo-Resistive Sensing) cantilever probes provide the sensing Wheatstone bridge (without a thermal actuator).

General order information for silicon tip cantilevers:
Delivery time 2 weeks | Minimum order € 500,-