PRSA 100×48µm Si-Tip Probes

Piezo-Resistive Sensing Probes
Piezo-resistive self-sensing silicon cantilever probe bonded to a 6×5 mm PCB with a 10 pin connector or non-bonded as silicon chip.

General Description

This is the standard type of SCL’s self-sensing cantilevers. It exhibits a sharp tip made of silicon with a tip radius of <15 nm.

By standard (STD) the cantilever is delivered on our cantilever PCB (CL-PCB) with a small 10 pin connector on its lower side. On request you can order also only the Si chip without PCB and connector for bonding on your own PCB holder.

We offer this cantilever type with or without an integrated heater. PRSA (Piezo-Resistive Sensing & Active) cantilever probes are equipped with an additional thermal actuator (heater structure) on the cantilever. PRS (Piezo-Resistive Sensing) cantilever probes provide the sensing Wheatstone bridge (without a thermal actuator).

Main Specification


Silicon tip radius (rtip) < 15 nm
Cantilever length, width (l/w) l = 110 µm, w = 48 µm
Sensitivity (s) 2 µV/nm
Resonant frequency (fR) 250…550 kHz
Stiffness (k) k = 14…170 N/m
Applications AFM, nanoprobing, force measurement in-situ SEM or TEM, etc.


Order Information

  • Delivery time
    2 weeks
  • Minimum order
    € 500,-
  • Shipping charges
    EU: Regular mail, worldwide, registered: 25 €
    Worldwide: Regular mail, worldwide, registered: 35 €
  • Terms of payment
    30 days net from the date of invoice
    The delivered products stay in our property until complete payment.

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