PRS 100×48µm SCD Probes

Piezo-Resistive Sensing Probes
Piezo-resistive self-sensing silicon cantilever probe bonded to a 6×5 mm PCB with a 10 pin connector or non-bonded as silicon chip.

Piezo‐Resistive Sensing (PRS) probes are silicon cantilevers with  a long‐life single crystal diamond tip (SCD). Integrated piezoresistors are used for self‐sensing the cantilever deflection. The  piezo‐resistors  are  integrated  into  a  matched  Wheatstone  bridge to raise the sensitivity and compensate environmental  thermal  drift.

Self‐sensing  readout  technology  makes  laser  adjustment obsolete and saves time during a cantilever change.  The free space above the cantilever enables new applications  and combination of AFM with various instruments. The SCD tip  exhibits  low  surface  energy,  which  prevents  contamination  when imaging sticky or biological samples.

The cantilever chip is  bonded  to  a  small  printed  circuit  board  (PCB)  with  a  small  connector to enable a quick cantilever change. A counter part  PCB for the cantilever PCB can be connected to a low‐noise preamplifier with a flat flex cable.


Tip radius (apex) / height <15 nm / 12…16 µm
Tip material Long life Single Crystal Diamond (SCD) <100> along tip axis
Glue between tip and cantilever non-conducting temp-stability: up to 70°C
Resonant frequency 250..550 kHz
Spring constant 14…170 N/m
AFM mode contact, non-contact
Sensitivity* 1…3 µV/nm
Force sensitivity* 4…170 nN/µV
Length, width 110 ±5 µm, 48 ±2 µm
Material silicon cantilever, boron doped 1k Ohm piezo resistors, aluminium tracks
Deflection sensing on chip piezo-resistive bridge
Actuator external shaker
Electrical connections bonded to small PCB with connector (counter part PCB available) or optional bonding pads on chip
Chip dimensions (h, w, l) 0.3 / 1.0 / 2.7 mm
* not amplified (signal direct at the chip), 2.048 V bridge supply
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