SCL-Sensor.Tech. Fabrication GmbH

Commercial registration no.: FN 441001 g
VAT no.: ATU62812889

Bank Information

Account name: SCL-Sensor.Tech. Fabrication GmbH
IBAN: AT84 4715 0111 0395 0000
Account number: 11103950000
Bank Code: 47150
Bank name: Volksbank Niederösterreich AG
Bank address: Brunngasse 10, 3100 St. Pölten, AUSTRIA

Legal Information

media owner:

SCL-Sensor.Tech. Fabrication GmbH
Aspern IQ in der Seestadt Aspern
Seestadtstraße 27/27
1220 Vienna, AUSTRIA

Competent authority

Magistratisches Bezirksamt des 22. Bezirkes

Company objectives

Mechatronics for machinery and manufacturing technology, restricted to the production of atomic force microscopy and atomic force microscopy accessories.

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