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Conductive AFM in SEM using Solid Platinum Tips

Cathode catalyst layers in fuel cell technology consist of platinum nanoparticles embedded in a carbon matrix, Pt(C). If the carbon matrix in a film is diamond-like, the electron transport is dominated by tunneling between neighboring platinum particles. Consequently, the film is insulating at low platinum particle density. In an SEM these nanogranular films can be […]

Exhibition at the MRS in Boston

Our partner company GETec Microscopy presented the leading solution for correlative in-situ AFM & SEM analysis (AFSEM) together with Quantum Design Inc. at the MRS fall meeting in Boston. The AFSEM system uses cantilevers from SCL to conduct high performance AFM measurements.

AppNote together with Keysight

Keysight has published an application note together with SCL. SCL’s self-sensing cantilevers were successfully integrated into a Keysight 5500 AFM and imaging in liquids was proved. Read more…

Latest publication – SCL cantilevers used for AFM in-situ SEM

Our partner company GETec Microscopy and Nanosurf have published a new paper via Microscopy and Analysis 31(2): p14-18. The AFSEM from GETec Microscopy provides a powerful new capability that joins the forces of AFM and SEM. AFM imaging in all the conventional AFM modes is now possible simultaneously under a SEM beam without disruption to […]