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Highly sensitive & accurate gas properties sensing with SCL’s self-sensing cantilevers

Measurement and evaluation of gas density and viscosity of pure gases and mixtures In this application Mr. Badarlis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and his colleagues developed a gas cell setup for measurement of gas density and viscosity by using a SCL micro-cantilever beam (PRSA-L300-F50). In parallel, the validity of a proposed modelling approach was evaluated. […]

Nanoindentation analysis with AFSEM®

Observe the indentation by SEM, measure it with AFSEM® SEM is widely used to study the surface structure after nanoindentation. The combination of a large field of view with nanometer resolution allows detecting early stages of crack formation, slip steps, and other surface defects indicating the onset of material surface failure. However, quantitative height information […]

publication: SCL cantilevers used as very sensitive sensor for gas property measurements with high accuracy

One of our customers TrueDyne Sensors AG (CH) presented its current work about gas property measurements by using SCL’s self-sensing cantilevers at the “Sensors & Messsysteme” in Nürnberg in June 2018. The paper of the author Christian Huber has the title “Gas Density and Viscosity Measurement with a micro-cantilever for Online Combustion Gas Monitoring”. Thermo-physical […]